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Want to know when your product was manufactured?

  • Indicates the volume / net weight of the product itself (without the packaging).
  • This serves as a reminder to the user to recycle the packaging.
  • Indicates that the manufacturer is compliant with the recycling regulations.
  • Indicates the packaging material. It could be more than one symbol depending on the components of the packaging.
  • POA (Period after Opening) means that the product preserves its quality for a particular number of months (the digits inside the “jar”) once it is opened.
  • The Lot Nº is followed by a digit code that shows the manufacturer’s exact production batch of the particular item.
  • Indicates there is additional information available on another part of the packaging (on the inside of the pack or in an added insert).
  • Barcode of the product marks the individual “ID number” of the product, starting with digits unique for the country of manufacturing.
  • Displays that the product is proudly manufactured in the EU, according to all European regulations and standards for quality, safety and ethical production.
  • Indicates the manufacturer is a recognized member of the global community for ethical treatment of animals PETA and adheres to a non-animal testing policy.
  • Shows that the particular product contains no ingredients of animal origin and is vegan-friendly.
  • Our QR code directs to the unique product page with more details, guides, and tips.
  • The text in Caution field contains warnings the general consumer should consider when using the product.
  • The text in the Directions field contains the description of the suggested product use.