is trying to protect our planet and believe that every small step in this direction will help keep it a beautiful place.

We are proud that all our packaging is recyclable. We know that this is a small part of protecting the planet, but we continue to work in this direction. Having this in mind, we’d like to encourage all of our clients to recycle our products’ packaging and embrace a more sustainable attitude.

Our packaging

We collaborate with Ecoembes. Ecoembes is a non-profit organization that arranges the recycling of light household packaging in Europe.
Ecoembes bringing together citizens, governments, and businesses, enabling make packaging recycling practical and so develop the circular economy.
All our products are market with the Ecoembes symbol that warranties that our product is made with recyclable components and its recyclable process it's guaranteed.
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Our employees think
& act sustainably

We believe that setting a personal example is very important. Both in the offices and at home, all our employees are implementing sustainable practices – from turning off the electric appliances when not using them, to mindful usage of water, as well as waste reduction and recycling. We support them and give guidelines on how to reduce waste and harmful emissions in the workplace. We minimize the use of non-recyclable consumables and welcome and support separate waste collection. Our teams regularly conduct initiatives to implement new environmentally-friendly practices and habits, which is welcomed and rewarded.