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Could you tell me how many percentage retinol in Serum Unifying Regenerator?

The REVOX B77 RETINOL range was specifically designed around the active ingredient Retinol and the formulations are developed with its optimal high concentration for skincare products, in order to achieve efficacy and to provide anti-aging results.
hi! i want to know if your products for dark spots anti blemishing skin anti dark serum can be used during breastfeeding. the ingridient that seems controversial is the alpha arbutin. It is not sure for me how much these products contain. Thank you!
The REVOX B77 JUST skincare range was developed to provide solutions to specific skin problems – in a professional manner but formulated for at-home use. Since pregnancy is a particularly specific period of a woman’s life when various non-typical irritations and reactions may occur, even to products and ingredients that are proven to be safe in the general case, we would not recommend using them during pregnancy. Moreover, we kindly recommend you consulting with your doctor about every product you use in this period, including those from your regular beauty routine. Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!
What is the expiration date of Revox products?
To clarify how long you can use your product once you opened it, try finding “open jar” sign with a number followed by the letter M, where number indicates how many months the product can be safely used for after opening. For instance, 12M means that product can be used during twelve months after you opened it. I want to assure you that we monitor the warranty periods in all retail outlets and it is unacceptable to have any that are past their expiration date.